Helke Ferrie, a physical anthropologist, is a medical science writer whose articles on the political aspects of medicine are featured regularly in Canada and the US. She is the founder of the new publishing company, Kos Publishing Inc. named after the island Kos where the father of medicine, Hippokrates was born some 2,500 years ago. Ancient Greek medicine focused on what is now known as environmental and preventive medicine, i.e. clean air, water, soil and food. Kos books focus on those current developments in medicine which re-establish such ancient insights in the modern context. Its first of a series of planned books will appear end of October: Healing The Planet One Patient At A Time by Dr. Jozef Krop.

In Helke Ferrie’s view the crime against humanity medicine today has to address is what the great Dr. William Osler described a century ago as the “corruption of medicine by patent medicines” which he prophesied correctly would deliver the public “into the hands of the advertising quacks”. The current unholy alliance of the pharmaceutical industry with the medical regulatory bodies and the control Big Pharma’s money exerts on the outcome of medical research has created the present situation of sickness for profit and made “health care” an oxymoron. As a result of this unchallenged conspiracy it is Sickness, not Health, which is traded literally as a stock market commodity. The “standards of care” established by the regulatory system, such as the Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons which control doctors’ licenses, are equally contaminated as the Colleges are little more than industry hacks.